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Official Fire Door Report

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Official Fire Door Report

Monday, November 11th, 2019

Our report will include the following items:

  • A unique six-digit ID number per door
  • Room description
  • Barrier rating
  • Action item (if the door needs to also be inspected with a fire alarm)
  • Type of opening protective
  • Description of door & frame
  • Door configuration
  • Rating of door (as observed on label)
  • Visual inspection PASS/FAIL
  • Functional inspection PASS/FAIL
  • Deficiencies PASS/FAIL
  • List of deficiencies with repair recommendations
  • A fire door plan for each floor of your facility

Field Labeling Verifies the Door Will Perform As Specified in a Fire

Thursday, June 21st, 2018


BUYER BEWARE! We recently found this example of incorrect field labeling as shown in the photos. In the second photo you can see that the accredited company added their own label specifying the rating of the door right below the original label. The original label is still clearly visible and says that the door has a 3/4 hour or 45 minute rating.  See the issue with the incorrect field label? The accredited company labeled the door as having a 90 minute rating even though the original label is marked as a 45 minute door.  The original label is by UL. UL is one of the 19 Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories. A testing laboratory is a company that actually performs the fire tests and they are the experts on fire rated manufacturing. Follow this link for a complete list of NRTLs. The accredited company has created its own label which is not backed by a testing laboratory.

The correct process for field labeling a door includes:

  • Before field labeling the door, frame or hardware the original specifications must be verified & documented.
  • A fire door can’t be rated higher than the wall rating.
  • The door, hardware and frame are installed per NFPA 80.

AEGIS partners with a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory for our recertification services. And our technicians are certified FDAI (Fire Door Assembly Inspector) to repair and relabel the fire door components.


What is a Fire Door?

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

fire behind door

Fire Doors are designed to compartmentalize a building, prevent the spread of smoke and fire, and protect egress for a specified amount of time. These doors are rated from 20 minutes up to 3 hours. The door, frame and all components used on that door must be subjected to rigorous fire testing to verify it will perform its function under fire conditions.

Fire-rated doors are required to bear a label that states the protection rating. It is important to remember that a label on a fire door does not mean that the assembly is compliant. If non fire-rated hardware is used it can create a potentially deadly scenario in the event of fire. The rating of the assembly is limited to the component with the lowest fire protection rating. In order for fire doors to work effectively, they must be correctly specified, installed and maintained.

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