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About Aegis Fire Door

Your property is worth protecting from the devastating effects of fire – both for its monetary value and more importantly its occupants. AEGIS Fire Door wants to support your facility in achieving this goal through proper fire barrier management strategies.

Aegis is a term rich in meaning to represent both protection and support. AEGIS Fire Door is committed to these simple values.

We recognize that your facilities’ resources are not limitless and that you face many challenges in achieving compliance with a multitude of various regulations. We want to make fire doors and barriers one less worry for you. Our clients trust our integrity and our attention to detail and that is the difference AEGIS brings to this industry.

We’re based in Roanoke, Virginia, and offer professional fire safety services across the U.S.

Mark Waller, CFDAI

Mark Waller, owner, Aegis Fire

Managing Director

Mark has over 25 years of experience in both residential and commercial construction. He is fully versed in various aspects of commercial door and hardware assemblies and has put this insight into providing fire door inspection services throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Mr. Waller is a nationally certified Fire Door Assembly Inspector through the Door and Hardware Institute. In December 2018 he was a featured writer in DHI’s Door Security + Safety Magazine. He teaches classes for the Door and Hardware Institute. And offers on-site training classes to facilities as an ongoing initiative to prioritize education about fire door inspections

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We offer fire safety services in Virginia and across the U.S.

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