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Fire Door Field Certification


The proper labeling of fire-rated assemblies is a vital part of life safety. The use of approved third-party agencies to perform field re-labeling for fire-rated doors and frames is often a cost-effective alternative to replacement of non-compliant components while verifying the integrity of the opening.

To be effective, re-certification must be conducted by experienced professionals under the direction of a nationally accredited fire testing and certification laboratory.

The correct process for field labeling a door includes:

AEGIS has partnered with a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory- QAI Laboratories to be able to perform field labeling. Read a recent white paper published by QAI-Do you know what you are getting?

“Missing, damaged or painted fire door and frame labels are the number-one deficiency encountered during an inspection of fire door assemblies.” – Door Security & Safety Foundation.

Also Read: Buyer Beware! Field certification is more than just a sticker!

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