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Fire System Commissioning and Acceptance Testing

Fire Commissioning (FCx)

NFPA 3, Recommended Practice for Commissioning of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems delineates that the commissioning and integrated testing process would include passive components of fire protection. Passive fire protection systems, including fire and smoke rated door assemblies, serve as a primary component for most building life safety systems with varying degrees of complexity dependent as such things as occupancy and building geometry.

Fire and smoke rated doors are often integrated with fire and life safety systems such as fire alarm, sprinkler, smoke control and emergency electrical systems, and it thus becomes imperative for the fire commissioning team (FCxT) to include qualified fire door commissioning agents (Cx) to be employed. AEGIS has the practical experience and expertise to support your commissioning team with passive fire protection system components.

Acceptance Testing

In addition to the commissioning (Cx) process, NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives also establishes the necessity to complete final acceptance inspection and testing prior to final project approval. NFPA 80 states that visual inspection and functional testing of fire door and fire window assemblies require the “persons performing the inspections and testing to be thoroughly knowledgeable of the various components and systems that are used to create fire-rated assemblies.

In the case of swinging doors with builder’s hardware, these assemblies are comprised of labeled and listed components from several manufacturers. Often, the listing of the door leaf determines which products are permitted to be installed on an assembly. Inspectors of swinging doors with builders hardware need be able to recognize which components can or cannot be used on specific assemblies, which requires training and experience on behalf of the persons performing the inspections.”

AEGIS has the necessary competency, expertise, experience, and knowledge for AHJs to be able to rely on them fully in their jurisdiction. We can work with your design team during specification development through substantial completion of the project to verify compliance with applicable requirements.


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